We are proud to introduce you to our team of highly educated and professional trained and certified Personal Trainers.  With a combined experience of over 75 years, you will definitely find the proper trainer and personality to match your needs and fitness goals.

Jamie Mushlin

Owner - Certified Personal Trainer
Jamie Mushlin has been creating and transforming bodies as a Certified Personal Trainer for 25 years. Jamie got his professional start at the age of 17 working at Bally Total fitness, however started his own personal training at the age of 13. He worked his way up the ladder, from cleaning staff to running a single club location and ultimately running personal training for all of the St Louis and Kansas City areas under Bally's Health and Fitness Corporation.
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Julie Genoni Murphy

Julie Murphy Small PictureCertified Personal Trainer, Certified Coach, Cycling Instructor
Julie has been coaching individuals and teams for 13  years and enjoys coming up with ways to challenge and motivate you. As a certified coach, NASM certified fitness & nutrition specialist, lifelong athlete and healthy foodie, Julie is prepared to help you achieve your strongest and heathiest self!
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Joey Neal

Certified Personal Trainer
As a Certified Personal Trainer, Joey Neal is committed to communicating the importance of staying in excellent physical shape while incorporating movements that are client specific. While no stranger to the Gym, Joey knows one of the best ways to train is to lead by example.
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Mattison Gelber

Mattison Gelber Small PictureCertified Personal Trainer
Mattison has a passion for helping clients meet their physical goals while achieving ultimate health. She does this through dedicated training programs designed for each individual helping them make healthy choices in all areas to live at their fullest potential.
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Nick LoBosco

Nick LoBosco Small PictureCertified Personal Trainer, Professional MMA Fighter
Nick's personal training career began at a MMA gym in Lake St. Louis where he turned his passion into his career. He loves working with clients and is ready to help you with your health and fitness goals by placing an emphasis on your specific needs and tailoring your workouts to help you reach your potential.
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Stowe Jones

Stowe Jones Small PictureCertified Personal Trainer and Fitness Nutrition Specialist
Stowe uses a variety of proven training techniques to keep your workouts functional, intense, and fun. He will not only guide your exercise and nutrition program, but will help you understand why your program benefits you and gets you closer to achieving your goals.
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