Testimonials & Transformations

Red Fitness Lounge is proud to share our testimonials and transformations.

Ann Ortmann – 202 lb weight loss

“Because of Jamie’s support, belief, and dedication I was able to lose 200 pounds and reach my possibility of being happy & healthy!! My family, friends, and myself Thank You Jamie… We Heart You!!”

Ann Ortmann Licensed Massage Therapist / A.O. Healing LLC.

Cary Mcdowell – 62 lb weight loss

“What I appreciate most about Jamie is that he uses decades of experience to share his craft with me, all along reminding me ultimately what my role is in the training. When I do the work, I get results-period. He is the consummate Coach.”

Cary McDowell – Executive Chef

AJ Bockleman – 62 lb weight loss

“Jamie manages to mix up the workouts so the routine is always fresh and challenging. A regular workout routine with Jamie over the last seven years has helped me to manage diet challenges, stress and how it all fits together into a regular fitness routine.”

A.J. Bockelman, Executive Director, PROMO.

George Noory – Host of Coast to Coast AM

George writes, “For years Jamie Mushlin has given me advice on Nutrition and Exercise. He’s a true professional.”



Theresa Lynn Leitterman

“I can tell a difference in the way I feel and my energy levels have improved tremendously. I use this shake as a meal replacement, usually breakfast and it’s more of a treat for me, the taste is amazing! I’ve tried several other protein shakes that I had to force myself to drink, but not this one, I like the chocolate formula. I’ve even got my husband drinking them now and he will not go a day with out his shake either. I recommend this product to everyone I know, it’s truly amazing, and the wonderful taste is just a great plus.”