Testimonials & Transformations

Red Fitness Lounge is proud to share our testimonials and transformations.

Ann Ortmann – 202 lb weight loss

“Because of Jamie’s support, belief, and dedication I was able to lose 200 pounds and reach my possibility of being happy & healthy!! My family, friends, and myself Thank You Jamie… We Heart You!!”

Ann Ortmann Licensed Massage Therapist / A.O. Healing LLC.

Cary Mcdowell – 62 lb weight loss

“What I appreciate most about Jamie is that he uses decades of experience to share his craft with me, all along reminding me ultimately what my role is in the training. When I do the work, I get results-period. He is the consummate Coach.”

Cary McDowell – Executive Chef

AJ Bockleman – 62 lb weight loss

“Jamie manages to mix up the workouts so the routine is always fresh and challenging. A regular workout routine with Jamie over the last seven years has helped me to manage diet challenges, stress and how it all fits together into a regular fitness routine.”

A.J. Bockelman, Executive Director, PROMO.

George Noory – Host of Coast to Coast AM

George writes, “For years Jamie Mushlin has given me advice on Nutrition and Exercise. He’s a true professional.”



Theresa Lynn Leitterman

“I can tell a difference in the way I feel and my energy levels have improved tremendously. I use this shake as a meal replacement, usually breakfast and it’s more of a treat for me, the taste is amazing! I’ve tried several other protein shakes that I had to force myself to drink, but not this one, I like the chocolate formula. I’ve even got my husband drinking them now and he will not go a day with out his shake either. I recommend this product to everyone I know, it’s truly amazing, and the wonderful taste is just a great plus.”

Kristin Vandeven

“Jamie Speiser was highly recommended to me by 2 women I knew from my gym. I was seeking his expertise in diet and nutrition for a body building competition. He has not only lived up to, but exceeded my expectations as a coach and personal trainer. Jamie’s knowledge of diet and nutrition, exercise and personal training is second to none. Not only does he know what to do for the goals that I had, he knows and can explain the “why’s” of his recommendations. He is an outstanding motivator, champion, and he is absolute in his resolve to meet and exceed my fitness goals. He’s honest and realistic and he is a true partner in achieving what you set your mind to do. I have already recommended him to a friend and my husband, and I would recommend him to anyone and everyone who has a fitness goal that they would like to achieve. I cannot imagine going on my fitness journey without him on my team. He has helped me change my life and for that I am forever grateful. “

Toi Jenkins

“In the first 6 months working with Jamie Speiser, I was able to drop from a size 16 pant size to an 8, drop 32 lbs and 8% in body fat. There were so many other benefits I did not realize I would be getting.”

Dawn Runge

“Jamie Speiser listens to your goals and tailors a program to your needs. No cookie cutter, boring routines and diets here!”

Jackie Watson

“I must warn you though; once you work out with Jamie Speiser, the experience can be addictive. You may not be able to go anywhere else to work out again.”

Tiffany Buchholz

“My experience with Jamie Speiser has shown me a side of myself I didn’t know existed….one that is disciplined, focused, and achieves goals I didn’t know were possible.”

Jessica Kjar

“This is a letter of Recommendation for Jamie Speiser . I started working out this past December in an effort to get back into shape. Initially I just wanted to lose some weight and tone. I wanted to look better on the outside while feeling better about myself on the inside.
I started working out with a trainer at that time to get the process started. It helped me be accountable get back being motivated to start dropping the weight. However, my trainer was not dependable and didn’t have any nutritional background. I started to realize that the exercise/workouts weren’t enough and I needed direction to begin clean eating to see serious results. I was referred a nutritionist who learned about my discouraging encounter with my first personal trainer and he then referred me to Jamie. He promised me that Jamie would get me serious results and show me soreness where I didn’t even know I had muscles. I took on the challenge.

I knew right away Jamie was the right man for the job. He is extremely dedicated and respectful to his clients. His workouts are challenging but fun and I learned along the way that he has a great knowledge of nutrition. He motivated me to go above and beyond just losing weight, toning and getting back into shape. I decided to do a Bikini Competition and Jamie was right there with me every step of the way.

From my workout regimen, to my meal plans and right up to the competition Jamie was there for me. With Jamie’s guidance, encouragement, and the confidence he has helped me find in myself again, I won my class in my first ever NPC bikini competition this past September which made me a national qualifier. Since then I have moved to Nebraska and currently am in prep phase again for a competition this November. Jamie continues to show his dedication and true investment in me as a client by weekly check-ins and being there for me when I need a little re-direction and motivation.

I can honestly say that I am in the best shape of my life and not only do I look great on the outside, but it’s the best self-image I’ve ever had on the inside. If you ask Jamie he would begin to tell you it was all me, but without him as my trainer and his support, guidance, patience, motivation, and true passion he has for his job day in and day out, I would not be where I am on my fitness journey. I’ve definitely accomplished just the beginning of the goals that I have set out to achieve and I owe a big thanks to Jamie for helping me begin this new lifestyle.I love the competition and the comradery, but I miss Jamie and the motivation, support and friendship he provided.

I would highly recommend Jamie as a trainer. He has many accomplishments in his career and there are many if not all of his clients which would agree with me that he does great things for people who are open to the possibilities. Please contact me for further information.”