Most Important Meal of the Day
By: Brian Shaw

The title says it all, and we are in for a debate.

Ask ten hardcore training fanatics what they feel is the most important meal of the six or more they consume in a 24 hour period, and you will be likely to hear 10 different answers, all with science and testing results to back them up.

So what is my opinion?

I like to keep things simple. As you may have read in my previous entries, I am all about intensity during training.


Changing your body is hard work, and hard work cannot be accomplished without intensity.  So I subscribe to the basic “fuel principle.”  Yes, I just made that up.  But let me explain what I mean.

To work hard you need energy.  To create energy you need fuel.  To possess the necessary fuel you need to consume the right nutrients.  The timing of intake for these nutrients is the most important aspect of the principle.  For years now we have seen the benefits of eating 5 to 6 small meals throughout the day to maintain metabolism and energy.

But a complete meal containing a combination of protein, “slow-burning” complex carbohydrates, and healthy fats approximately one and a half hours before training is key!  Notice I did not refer to the always loved caffeine powered pre-workout supplements that provide that extra push to complete your training, but a full, solid food packed meal.

A commonly spoken complaint by my clients is the difficulty in planning and timing your meals properly.  I understand how hard it is to get this done, but we cannot fight how our bodies function, and it is the dedication and diligence that is required to see real change.  Planning your day so that you can get your “fuel” prior to hitting the gym will far outweigh the time spent working out an eating schedule.

So where does this place the importance of post-workout meal planning on my list of important meals?

It is still a vital part of the equation, but to get to your “post-workout” stage, you must first COMPLETE your training!  Without the proper nutrition intake before you hit the gym, you will fall short of your goal for that day.

So for me, every meal you consume is important, but if asked to pick one that makes the most difference in your training, you have my answer.

Train hard today!

Why is getting in shape so difficult?

By: Jamie Mushlin


Most people when asked the question “what do you do to stay fit?” respond with the simple “not much, or I dont like to work out” comment.

When asked the most common question, “why is getting in shape so difficult?”, the flurry of responses and excuses is overwhelming.

People respond with, …its too hard, …I don’t have enough time in my day, or ….I don’t know what to do, or  …..I dont want to join a gym.

Although in their minds they justify those answers, they still turn out to just be excuses.

If working out were easy, I am sure everyone would do it, or if you didnt have to sweat, or if it didnt hurt so much or if it didnt cost so much.  We often find people taking the road to least resistance and when it comes to fitness, the road less traveled is usually the one that yields the most rewards and most benefits to our health.
Face it…. working out is hard and challenges you not only physically but mentally as well.

It’s no wonder why less than 40% of the population trains and exercises with a program on a consistent basis.

When we were born, no one was handed a manual on how to stay fit, no blueprint of what exercises, intensity, and duration to follow, and definately no counselor or advisor to review with us the proper nutrition avenues to take.

With saying that, we are left up to our own to figure out how to maintain a healthy heart, lean muscle mass, flexibility, and endurance… or are we?

Where do people go to figure out fitness for dummies?  There are so many avenues if your serious about getting in shape where you can go to learn basic information and tools to help you live an active, healthy lifestyle.

The power of the internet is a phrase so often used but also holds so much merrit.  Looking up workouts on You tube, finding chat rooms, purchasing dvds and hiring personal trainers all can help you enhance your fitness horizons.  Working out doesn’t have to be difficult, or confusing.  Take time to make a list and you can be well on your way to getting in shape and possibly the best shape of your life.

Take a sheet of paper out, and start writing down your “bucket list” of fitness goals or things you would like to accomplish.  For example, if you have always wanted to work out consistently 3 days per week, put it down, or if you always wanted to do a pull-up, put it down, or maybe you wanted to be able to do a 5k run, or maybe even something as simple as walking around your neighborhood without being out of breath.

Whatever the goal, whatever your motivation, write it down and make it a reality.  Statistics show that people who write to plan, achieve their goals or actions 65% more than those who don’t!

Exercise and fitness does’nt have to be hard, make small goals such as walking 20 minutes per day, 3 sets of 10-12 push-ups per day, or maybe you would like to swim laps in the pool.  Just take action and understand every step in a positive direction towards a healthy body, is more years and life you add to your living.

If all of this seems overwhelming still and your not sure how to go about it, look into hiring a personal trainer, one who is certified, looks and speaks the part.  Find a trainer who has a great personality, shows genuine care in helping you achieve your goals and ensure this trainer views you as more then just a number or source of income to them.

There are many trainers and personal training facilities/gyms to go to, pick one that works for you!

In your journey towards a better healthier you, check us out at Red Fitness Lounge and see how the Red Fitness Team can help you design and execute a plan of attack, and helping start feeling better, looking better, and living longer. We only get one body, and you should take care of it the best you can because the reality is, it will take care of you!

Getting in shape does’nt have to be difficult and we can show you how! Contact us Today!

Training with a Game Plan!
By: Brian Shaw

When you think about it, for those of us striving for success, whether in life, health, love or career, wasting time is never a purposeful pursuit.  So why do so many step into a gym, at times with only a mere 30 minutes to an hour to train, and voluntarily waste their time?  Think about the number of minutes you spend standing in front of a stack of weights, or an endless row of machines, and ponder what to do next, during which your heart rate has slowed, and you’ve lost momentum and intensity.  The fix is simple; have a plan.

I spent a number of years early on in my training having no clue what exercises I was going to perform once I arrived at the gym.  Sure, I knew the muscle groups that were up for torture, but I would go from one corner to the next trying to decide my best course of action.  I would see guys with notebooks and magazines, marking down reps and weight used after every set, not truly understanding the necessity of it all.  I was in the gym.  That’s all that mattered, right?  Never forget, pulling into the parking lot and walking through the door is only HALF the battle, and the easier half if you’re training properly.

It took me a long time to be convinced that the minutes I wasted making my decision as to the next exercise to perform should have been spent kicking the crap out of myself with the next set of incline fly’s.  I broke down and starting bringing in my own notebook with my plan of attack for that day already lay out before me.  I tracked sets, reps and weight, no longer needing to remember what I had done and how much I lifted the previous time I worked a particular muscle group.  The results were immediate.  My workouts exploded with intensity, AND decreased in time.

This principle also applies to “why” you are in the gym as well.  Is your plan to lose 10 pounds?  Do you want to add 5 pounds of muscle over the next 9 to 12 months?  Do you want to lower your blood pressure and get off the laundry list of medications you currently take everyday?  Having a clear and concise plan in mind makes the ultimate goal a tangible, living thing.  We need to know that the time we spend is worth something, and we have to be able to measure that worth.

Try this: next time you step into a gym, take time before hand to lay out exactly what you want to do, including exercises, sets, reps, and weight, then follow it to the letter.  The promise I make is that the time no longer spent deciding what to do will give you that much more energy to put into that bicep curl!

Train hard today!!

Our Bodies Most Valuable Resource…
It is our most plentiful resource, can be found free of charge in most places, and it the most vital element to our heath and well-being, yet so many of us neglect to consume what we need.  I am speaking of course, about water.  Over the last several decades, article after research article has proven how important adequate water levels in our bodies supports digestion, temperature regulation, blood circulation, and the our ability to absorb nutrients from the food we consume.  Adequate water levels will also assist in the metabolism of stored fats and maintenance of muscle tone.So how much water should we drink?  A simple calculation often used is to take your weight in pounds and divide that number by 2.  For example, a person weighing 200 pounds should consume 100 ounces of water per day.  The Mayo Clinic estimates that men should consume on average 13 cups, and women about 9 cups of water per day.  If you are exercising, that amount should increase as we sweat approximately 2 times the amount of water we consume.  Also, drinking warm water, especially during training, is important as warm water is known to be absorbed more efficiently than water at colder temperatures.

Here are a few statistics to show the fine line each of us walk when it comes to proper hydration:

–> fluid losses of only 1% can lead to increased core body temperatures, which develops rapidly during exercise
–> fluid losses of 3-5% increases strain on your cardiovascular system, increase blood pressure and inhibiting blood circulation
–> fluid losses of 7% strongly increases the chances of collapse during training

With all of the supplements currently on the market, the most basic and vital to consume is water.  So bring a bottle to all of your training sessions, and make adequate water levels as important as getting in that last rep.

Train hard today!

Written By:  Brian Shaw, CPT, BN, RSN
From Disabled Wheelchair Veteran to Yoga Runner

From time to time, we at Red Fitness Lounge, enjoy sending out tidbits of inspiration…. Well the time has come again, and this is one of those MUST WATCH videos!

We hope you take some time to view this powerful video describing one 47 year old mans journey from being 300lbs, disabled and told he would never walk unassisted again to a Yoga Runner!  It’s never too late to give it your complete all to transform your body, your mindset and achieve tpowerful rescue results.

Take a 5 minute break and know it’s possible no matter what your level!


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