No Weights – Just BLAST This Workout!

No Weights! Just use your bodyweight and BLAST this WORKOUT! We are keeping this workout super SIMPLE Today! So simple you may have thought we didn’t finish writing the post. But when your workouts are driven, focused, and consist of great form you get results and feel the BURN! This is designed to be done in 3 complete cycles yet if your a Rockstar and want to push yourself, try it up to 5 complete cycles! We found this from Domestic Mama, and we enjoyed how this simple workout made us feel the burn we just wanted to share it.   NoWeightsBlast

Build a Powerhouse Foundation!

By: Brian Shaw

Anything worth building must start with a solid foundation.  This statement is true in every aspect of our lives, but none more important than our physical fitness.  This workout will challenge what you have always believed were your limits in leg training.  Take a deep breath, and get to work!

  • Smith or Barbell Squat superset with Smith or Barbell Drop Lunges (20 reps x 5 sets each)
  • Leg Press superset with Leg Press Calf Raises  (20 reps x 5 sets each)
  • Ugi Ball jump over Squats (15 reps x 4 sets each) (start behind ball, squat jump to front, front squat down until gluteus touches ball, then jump squat back)
  • Heavy Smith or Barbell Dead-Lifts (10 reps x 4 sets)

If your training split allows for working shoulders on the same day, incorporate this next series immediately upon completion of legs:

  • Seated Dumbbell Rear Delt Raise
superset with
  • Seated Dumbbell Lateral Raise
superset with
  • Seated Dumbbell Shoulder Press
(12 reps x 5 sets EACH)
  • Smith or Barbell Shrugs
12 reps x 5 sets


At this time finish off with abdominal work.

When you are ready to take your training to the next level, workouts with the intensity required to complete programs such as this will help you break through plateaus and shock your body into growth.

Train hard today!
The Kettlebell Core Fusion Workout.
For this week’s workout I have incorporated a number of kettlebell movements, emphasizing core strength training and cardiovascular intensity.  Hit each group of 4 exercises 3 times insuccession, modifying repeatition ranges based on your fitness level.

Here is the program:

  1. Kettlebell low jacks x 20 reps (holding KB static at level of chest throughout set)
  2. 45 degree angle alternating lunges with KB rotation x 15 reps each leg (rotate KB to outside leg you are working as you drop into lunge)
  3. Push ups with alternating leg raises x 16 reps (can be performed with 1 knee on mat, and alt leg extended, working each leg to completion, then switch)
  4. Towel floor crunches x 20 reps (holding towel with arms straigth, stretch over head, then raise towards ceiling as you crunch forward)


  1. Squat with 1 leg elevated on step with static lateral raise x 15 reps each side
  2. Floor DB flyes with legs elevated x 15 reps (knees bent and legs slightly extended outward to engage core)
  3. KB swings, 2 hands to center x 20 reps
  4. Russian twists x 20 reps (back flat on floor, medicine ball held between bent knees, rotate core side to side)

  1. Stationary side lunge with 2 hand KB lat pulls x 15 reps (bent at waist, squeezing shoulder blades together)
  2. Split jumps x 24
  3. Side to side KB swings x 12 reps each side (be sure to fully rotate hips on each pass)
  4. Exercise ball planks with elbow crunch x 20 reps (pull elbows in toward core, then release for 1 rep)


Each exercise should be initiated with minimal rest in between (approximately 15 seconds) to maintain intensity.  Kettlebell weight may be adjusted based on fitness level and intensity desired.

Train hard today!

Push your limits with a Full Body Blast

At RED Fitness Lounge we enjoy changing things up so you never get bored, so try this workout and tell us how you felt!

If you want a program that provides early muscle fatigue, and then the opportunity to push through your limits, try this full body blast that hits hard below the waist early, then asks for more!

–> Squats (holding weighted kettle-bell of dumbbell with straight arms @ shoulder level) x 25, and hold for 5 sec on last rep
–> Around the world lunges (front, side, and reverse = 1 rep) x 10 reps each leg (alternating)
–> 1 leg walkouts x 10 reps each leg (remember to bend you knee as you crouch down, and try not to let opposite foot touch the floor)
–> V-sit position, bring elbows into opposite knees x 30 reps each side (alternating one side to the other, rapid and maintaining proper form)

REPEAT 3 times

–> Burpee into push up x 1, directly into knee raises x 5, 12 reps
–> Lying skull crushers x 15 reps (can lie on bench or use mat on floor)
–> Exercise ball wall sits with bicep curls x 15 reps (legs static with knees bent to 90 degrees throughout set)
–> Oblique crunch on Exercise ball x 20 reps each side (lying with ball supporting hip, leg closest to ball bent, farther leg extended for balance)

REPEAT 3 times

–> Deep lunge position with hands to floor, back leg moves in and out without foot touching floor x 25 reps each side (keep forward knee as close to 90 degrees as possible)
–> High lat cable rows x 15 reps
–> Lying on back, medicine ball between knees, pull in using lower abdominals x 25 reps
–> Kettle-bell swings side-to-side x 12 reps

REPEAT 3 times

Repetition ranges can be modified to fit your training level, and allowing for completion of the entire program. Use this guide to gradually elevate your number of reps, as well as the amount of weight you can apply to each exercise.

Train hard today!!

Try Garage Training the Red Fit Way!!

Who says you need 4 walls and fitness equipment to push your training to the next level? Try this new garage training program and experience a tempo that will challenge your thinking about traditional workout routines. Here at Red Fitness Lounge we utilize a parking structure that provides a long, gradual 9% incline to provide that extra intensity, as well as an 8 step staircase in the same location.

The Majority of Parking Garages are structured the same way, gradual incline and plenty of stairwells, so try out this workout and enjoy the burn!

  • Jog 1/8 mile (moderate pace)
  • Jump rope (100 jumps)
  • Walking lunges up ramp (approx 200 ft), then walk back to starting position
  • Stationary squats x 25
  • Split jumps x 20
  • 45 degree angled walking lunges up ramp (approx 100 ft), then sprint (approx 100 ft at 75% max speed), then walk back to starting position
  • Jog 1/8 mile (moderate pace)
  • Frog jumps up ramp (approx 100 ft), then sprint (approx 100 ft at 75% max speed)
  • Reverse lunge walk DOWN ramp (approx 100 ft), then walk back to starting position
  • Wall sits x 2 min (knees at 90 degrees, both feet on ground x 1 min, R foot off ground x 30 sec, L foot off ground x 30 sec)
  • Stairs x 15 (skip a step on the way up, then hit every step on the way down, fast pace)
  • Incline push ups x 20 (hands on bottom step)
  • Stairs x 10 (skip a step on the way up, then hit every step on the way down, fast pace)
  • Tricep bench dips x 20 (using last step)
  • Stairs x 10 (skip on way up, all on way down, fast pace)
  • Calf raises x 25 (using bottom step)
  • Jog 1/8 mile (moderate pace)
  • Low jacks x 30
  • Mountain climbers x 30
  • Sprint up ramp (approx 200 ft at 100% max speed), then walk back 1/2 way
  • Side slide with hop DOWN ramp (approx 100 ft, hands to ground on each rep)
  • Side slide with hop UP ramp (approx 100 ft, opposite side, hands to ground on each rep)
  • Bear crawl DOWN ramp to starting position
  • Low jacks x 30
  • Mountain climbers x 30
  • Sprint up ramp (approx 200 ft at 100% max speed), then walk back
  • Stairs x 25 (skip on way up, all on way down)
  • Incline push ups x 20
  • Tricep dips x 20
  • Squat hold (hold in place x 1 min)
  • Sumo squat x 20 each side
  • Squat walk up ramp (stay low, walk approx 100 ft)
  • Sprint up ramp (remaining 100 ft at 100% max speed)
  • Walk back to starting position

Your goal for completion of this program should be in the range of 45 minutes. Once you have obtained this time, try increasing rep ranges or distance travelled for selected exercises.

Have fun, and train hard!

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